Heather Dever
freelance editor and voice actor

Hi! I am a publishing freelancer in print, websites, and video. My background is in mathematics and software, but I can quickly adapt to any new subject. For my work experience, see About. Please contact me to discuss my services.

Writing and Editing

As a former in-house editor, I feel your pain. I know how to follow instructions and produce quality creative material on a schedule. See Writing and Editing for projects.

Copyediting and Proofreading

English is my passion, but unlike most copyeditors I have a BA in Mathematics and no fear of software. I will  understand your technical material and make it beautiful. See Writing and Editing for projects.

Math and Instruction Accuracy Checking

Someone has to do it. This can be folded into a development or copy edit. See Writing and Editing for projects.

Voice and Video Production

I can produce screen capture and montage videos from script writing to final files, including narration by a voice that understands what it’s saying. Voice can be any level of excitement from calm and reassuring to high-energy marketing. See Voice and Video for projects.